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That person who stood around your local arcade who always entered in on any two player competitive game and beat you until you were out of quarters or leave out of sheer rage.

A true arcade Bully never loses because of the insane dedication he puts into making your gaming experience miserable.
Player 1: Boy I sure love playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2!

Arcade Bully: (Would quickly sprint to your machine and slip in his quarters/tokens)

Player 1: "I guess I'll just play you once, but I just want to get a single player game in after, alright?"

Arcade Bully: -Death Glare followed by merciless owning of player 1.-

There is no stopping the Arcade Bully from this point, you have started the cycle. he technically won the game and you're free to try your luck at him again, but that's just what he wants.
by CaptainScotch April 29, 2010
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