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The basic formation of a close group of friends that decided to name their friendship. Arch originates from the Archstone apartments the group of guys used to hang out around. This friendship is more than just hanging out, but more of looking out for eachother. Literally, no man should be left behind. The ArcH Kr3w is NOT a gang and is never intended to be a gang. As said, the ArcH Kr3W is a group of friends that does not start shit but ends shit.

kid 1- "Is that the ArcH Kr3W?"

kid 2- "Oh, the ArcH Kr3W."
by DrunkSmurf [ArcH Krew] December 03, 2006
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a group of kids who think they are hard but are much better off than most people. Most attend private schools. They dont end shit rather start it. When they do start shit they will brag about it, but it never escalated to a big point. They are scared of real crews like three feet and promise because they know theyll get fucked up. To summarize, a group of rich kids who attend private school yet still think they are hard for some reason.
Kid one: arch kr3w is so tough. Dont fuck with them.

Kid two: are you stupid? They're not hard at all.

Kid one: yeah they are dude they beat up three eighth graders last weekend.

Kid two: dude most of them are juniors...
by Kmph April 19, 2008
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