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Arabian Prince is one of the founders, as well as being the least known former member of N.W.A. Before joining the group, he was a solo artist, releasing a number of singles off of a small label (which released a compilation of his work after he left) before joining Eazy and the crew. He helped record, and rapped on N.W.A. And the Posse and Straight Outta Compton before leaving the group due to being shoved in the corner while Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, DJ Yella and Ice Cube hogged up all of the limelight. After his departure, he released 4 more albums with the most recent in 2008. He is said to still be currently re-releasing his old music as well as recording music for a new album, which has yet to be confirmed.
Arabian Prince was the ladies man of N.W.A.
by YellowJr~ August 28, 2009
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