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A variation of the Arabian Gogles, done by one who is in posession of a sole testicle. The one testicle is placed over the eye of the unsuspecting victim while the other eye is left sans ball.
I applied the Arabian Eye Patch like a pirate of the Dune Sea.
by Rollie Fingers September 26, 2004
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a. the act of resting one testicle on a girls eye socket while she gives you a blowjob and exclaiming a loud pirate, "Yaaarrrgh!"

b. similar to Arabian Goggles
Bob: How was your date last night?
Eric: I gave that Dirty Pirate Hooker an Arabian Eyepatch
Bob & Eric: Yaaarrrgh!
by Uniball June 25, 2012
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A maneuver almost exactly like the arabian goggles, except done by a very unfortunate man who possesses only one testicle.
Kris: You bastard - you gave her the goggles didn't you!?
Joe: Na man I had to make it the arabian eyepatch, considering I only have one nut!
by DonJuan12 September 29, 2006
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