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Arab-issh \’ar əb i-ssh\ n, adj. v, adverb

1. Arab-issh is the next generation of comedians calling the MidEast, Mediterranean, North Africa and/or South Asia their ancestral home. These artists use comedy to discuss their lives, vision and experiences straddling two cultures while living in North America. With unique perspectives on mistaken and misunderstood identity, Arab-issh shares the scary, mundane and funny real-life situations with audiences and critics.
Arab-issh \’ar əb i-ssh\ n, adj. v, adverb

Arab-issh also Arab-ish, adjective, noun “Hey that guy looks Arab-issh, let’s get his number!”

Arab-issh, verb, “You need to keep it real and let them know about that Arab-issh!”

Arab-issh, adverb, “That woman? She's Arab-issh - smart, beautiful, down to Earth & she'll treat you right.”
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