1. The stereotypical view that Arabs, particularly from Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine have large penises. They normally range anywhere from 8 inches and above.

2. Slang term for very large penis.
"girl 1: hey i just broke up with my boyfriend and i want to find a new guy, but he has to have a big dick. Any suggestions?

girl 2: Yeah, actually i heard those arabs have really big dicks and they know how to swing that thing like a bat, my friend from Mexico is dating an arab guy right now and she swears his dick is at least 9 inches long and really thick, she says she cant get enough of that big ole Arab Penis!

girl 1: damn girl, my mouth is watering just at the thought of that, i want a big arab penis in my mouth right now!"
by white girl loves big arab dick December 2, 2009
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