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As seen in sport and other pursuits, the setting and context of an action can mitigate or nullify entirely an unambiguously and unabashedly homoerotic act. Much as a pool full of Speedo clad men climbing over each other or a grassy field full of men in tight pants capriciously running about slapping each other on the ass can be excused under the thinly veiled guise of being water polo or baseball, claiming that the Aquaman rule is in effect (before, after or during) makes any act, no matter how ‘gay’, totally ‘chill’. The philosophical basis governing this that if you do any thing in the water it’s totally not gay because, you know, humans live on land.
“Hey did you guys ever notice how that one time I made out with a dude in the hot tub at the LXA house that it totally wasn’t gay because, you know, humans live on land… And like that’s the Aquaman rule, and it’s on Urban so its legit… and I’m totally into chicks?”
by Not MOMO October 22, 2009
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