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after you have smoked incredible amounts of marijuana and being high, blitzed, stoned out of your mind, or even fucking ripped is not even a good explanation of where you are at the moment. If this is the case you have traveled to Aqualand. It is a great place of euphoria in which you are on a giant high ride and it is fantasic. The time in Aqualand is also different from normal time. Aqualand time exists 5hrs and 10min off normal time (4:20 in Aqualand = 9:30 in Real time) A clock should always be kept around to keep tabs on Aqualand time. There have been instances where Aqualand has been closed when you get there. This normally occurs from smoking a lot of middies, you are really high, but still not high enough to get in.
After smoking a lot of pot:
"Jesus fucking christ man, I dont fucking know where I am right now." "Well then Joe, you have traveled to Aqualand. So lets enjoy this ride."

"Look at that Fred, its 4:20 in Aqualand. I guess we should smoke."
by DJ Master Jumpin Jack Flash April 15, 2009
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