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urban tag for Bottled Water

Literal Faux-Latin translation: Ass Water.

With pompous uncharted springs or untouched source claims, my college students and I decided that most bottled water is just a fancy label, wrapped around a new shaped plastic bottle filled with water from a toilet.

Dude,,,I'm going to the store, want anything?

Yeah dude, pick me up some Aqua-Cool-Oh!
by Prof. Smallie Biggs June 01, 2007
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any bottled water that is store bought

It means ass water...toilet water. It questions these unpolluted streams that fill expensive bottles of bottled water.

Where is there untouched water on this planet? My toilet?
Yo Dude...what's in that bottle...aqua-cool-oh!
by Professor Smallie Biggs May 25, 2007
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