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Pronunciation: Ap-RIL-la-don

A dinosaur from the paleolithic period that can still be found to this day roaming parties. Although she appears to be a normal twenty-something female during normal hours this is not the case! Whenever you add alcohol, especially tequila, she transforms into her former, prehistoric, self. The Apriladawn is the most dangerous cock blocking prehistoric species that has been discovered. She is capable of cock blocking not only male-to-female hookups but can also cock block same sex interactions. Although she claims to have no knowledge of the cock blocking she is masterful in her art. The Apriladawn should be avoided at all costs unless you really have no desire to get down with some get down!
John: Dude...I think I can hookup with the chick in the corner!
Tim: Whatever you not get close to that chick by the bar. She is a total Apriladawn. Those things are cock blocking machines!
John: Who the hell gave that chick tequila!
by bigherb February 16, 2010
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