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The state or condition of being extremely high and drunk simultaneously. Often results in black outs, forgotten conversations, idiotic actions, regretted hook ups, bad hangovers, awkward mornings, unexplained cuts and bruises, and a series of unrelated items in your pockets that you didn't have earlier.


Appled - State of being high.

Boo'ed - State of being high.
Person A: Oh god, where am i? Whose pants are these? what the hell?

Person B: Dude you're at my house. Relax. We got dropped off last night at like 4.

Person A: What happened last night? I dont remember anything.

Person B: Man, you were so Appleboo'ed it wasnt funny. You had no idea what you were doing.

Person A: Well what did I do?

Person B: You hooked up with the walrus from last night first of all, you kicked your cat, streaked down the street, you also broke the bong, puked in the kitchen, and who knows what else. You ran outside and no one could find you for hours.

Person A: No way, there's absolutely no way.

Person B: No shit dude, you were so Appleboo'ed.
by B-Fife November 22, 2009
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