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AppleBoo is a slang term used when a person is getting high and drunk at the same time. The first part "Apple" goes with the drink apple juice that is created by mixing a Rockstar energy drink and Bacardi rum thoroughly to get a smooth taste of what can only be described as apple juice. "Boo" was created based on the aspects of the fog of smoke as a resemblance to a ghost's "smokey" appearance. Having a night of AppleBoo means one will be smoking a substance that gets you high and drinking a strong mixed drink within an amount of time (e.x. an hour or two to finish doing both objectives).
Yo bro, AppleBoo? I got the tree and juice.
by Johnnyboi159 December 06, 2010
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The state or condition of being drunk and high simultaneously. Commonly results in idiotic actions and regretted hook ups.
Person A: Dude, what happened last night?

Person B: HAHA, you were so appleboo, you hooked up with the fat chick and kicked shannon's cat.

Person A: No way!!!
by B-Fife November 22, 2009
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