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1. an aura that protects every app in the app store on your phone and tricks you into believing every non free app is extremely expensive compared to the outside world.

2. The sudden realization that apps in the apple store are actually very cheap, or being in earshot of somebody realizing the exact same thing, causing the rest of the room to realize that apple apps are actually cheap which overpowers the Apple Expensive aura.

Apple Expensive ratio: one cent in the App Store is equivelant to one dollar in real life, of course until you are removed from the Apple Expensive aura spell.
Guy 1: man, I really want this app, but I don't want to shell out 99 cents because it might not even be good.
Guy 2: uhh.. dude.. you wont shell out 4 quarters which is about the price of a candy bar, to get an app that lasts much longer than a candy bar? Come on dude, 4 quarters that's it.
Guy 1: oh.. man i have been thinking about it wrong all along. There should be a definition on urbandictionary called "Apple Expensive"
Guy 2: good idea, lets make it now!
Guy 3: Wow i overheard your conversation, get me in on this!
Girl 1 and 2: Wow, you guys are sooooo wierd
by <-|._.|-> April 14, 2013
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