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A lesser known letter in the English alphabet, some refer to it as the 27th letter. It is primarily derived from southern mountainous regions in the U.S. It can replace a standard regular "r" but it is usually added to words that are not typically spelled with an "r", thus causing words containing the Appalachian "R" to have a certain mountainous twang when pronounced.
Jethro: Ma I'm cornfused. I's a been lookin' fer Pa and can't find him no where's I ain't got no idear where he is.

Ma: Jethro didja check the warsh room? He might be on the torlet.

Jethro: I hope I finds him soon, I needs to show him my new measurin' stick its got these here new fangled centermeters on it.

Appalachian "R" is in cornfused; idear; warsh; torlet; centermeters
by Its 2pm somewhere May 21, 2018
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