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Some crazy Trojan bitches from the movie Troy, and probably the novel it was based on, lead by Eric Bana (Hector) who found it fun to gang rape Achilles's (Brad Pitt's) cousin and his band of gimps dressed in black leather skirts because he had long hair and looked like a girl, and then slice his throat and let him bleed to death like a bitch. They then decided to completely fuck some more greeks like the bunch of women they were. After Hector died when he fell over a rock and after they killed some more Greeks, they got completely drunk and decided to let in a giant wooden Horse they throught was from their god Apollo Creed, and the rest of the Greeks ran home. Some Greeks sneaked out of the horse when all the Trojan Army was in a wine enduced coma and killed most of them (they knew the best chance they had of killing an Apollonian Guard was when he was unconscious). Even so, the rest fought against the onslaught of Greeks, who decided to come back, until the fuckable blonde bitch and Orlando Bloom escaped.
Apollonian guard - damn straight
by The King of Troy July 10, 2006
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