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Advent of the Zenith. A map developed by Rising_Dusk, with custom spells as well as skins. One of the higher-tiered AoS', it ranks among ToB, CoD, and AoM. AotZ's official clan goes by VZ. The latest version can always be found at, the clan website, where one can also find the official forums for AotZ.

Though the map is less item-based than DotA, the effects and feel of the entire map are leaps and bounds ahead of the most popular AoS. Though people make comparisons to DotA, people fail to realize that DotA is merely a map which possessed a huge fanbase in RoC (Reign of Chaos). Comparing DotA to AotZ is like trying to compare cheap crack with pure Heroine.

Though limited in heroes, compared to DotA, one must realize that most custom AoS' are much more limited in heroes than in standard AoS' like DotA. In maps such as AoM and ToB, one also sees a lack of a dictionary of heroes like in DotA. But once one casts a spell in any of the custom AoS', one realizes why there are less heroes.

It is a sheer fact.

Quality > Quantity
AotZ > DotA

And that, sir, is a gg.
AotZ; standard lane-based hero game with supporting creeps. Based around the original 'Aeon of Strife' format.
by d34thw15h February 03, 2007
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