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A big booty ghetto pimpette who don't take no shit from no playa hatin bitches. She got a mean back-handed pimpette slap and she know how to make you her biaatch. She can make dem weak bitchass niggas do whateva the fuck she want!
Damn, Anya be shakin dat ass like a salt shaka! (SLAP) Ooh my bad Anya I won't talk bout yo ghetto booty no mo'!!
by Big Mish Playa Playa October 05, 2004
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Grandmother Rabbit - A jolly old hare that reads delightful stories to cute little children. Grandmother Rabbit is incapable of being bitchy, mean, or mad. She is simply a loveable cartoon character that gets along with everyone and is a good house-wife.
Grandmother Rabbit! Read me a story! Make sure you wear your fashionable eye glasses to reveal your intellectual psyche!
by Big Mish Playa Playa November 25, 2004
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