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Anwaar is a beautiful girl with very high standards and no one to meet them. She is nice at times but can be very emo. She listens to punk rock and is not to be mistaken for the name Anwar.
Damn, look how pretty Anwaar looks today.
by Cookiecrusade September 30, 2019
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A black guy with dreadlocks but yet wear's reading glasses.

Claims to be able to have the ability to dunk a basketball at 10 feet but has no proof. But does have the abilitly to touch rim atleast
Says that he doesnt have black people legs because they are a little bit larger than normal black people legs. Which is the excuse he uses to say that he cant duck, but yet he has told some people that he can.
Weirdo and lies
that guy over their is rockin the dreadlocks with reading glasses. What a Anwaar...
by lemonbiscuit April 16, 2010
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