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Who possesses great beauty, intelligence and grace.

Tall, broad shouldered and lean. Mysteriously beautiful eyes that can captivate anyone's heart. Looks like a dream out of an Arabian Nights tale..loves Hookah.

Man1: woah!! is that a beautiful mirage?!
Man2: no..don't think so..OMG!! it's an anulekha!!!

At the same time is an achiever and a complete fashionista and trend setter. Almost always rejects everything at first but then warms up to it. So never take their first opinion as their final one. Surprises and entertains with their wit and intelligence. Always the center of attention and enjoys it. Kind, beautiful, loving who listens to all your problems. Often falls deep in love with unusual men/women. Beware, their lips are weapons of mass distraction.
You like THAT guy??!! omg you're such an anulekha!!

Man1: omg did you see that girl she was soo sexy!!!!
Man2: She was an anulekha!!!! watch where you're going!!!!
by Loraine Morris March 05, 2012
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