Anuite Zuism is a zuist doctrine based on anuism, anuite zuism supports that the Law of An and the Law of Polarity are basic principles of reality, such as extraphysicalism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism, pandivinism, panpsychism and spiritualism also are, and it supports that Anu is the supreme king and the main god, but it doesn't exclude the importance of the other Anunna gods and goddesses. Anuite zuism also supports that people should follow the Law of An and the Law of Polarity on their lives and that people should focus on improve the world socially and politically, such as improve the social and political spheres in order to reach a better world and to become the most Anunna-like as possible.
"Anuite zuism is interesting, and it shows about how many forms of zuism and anunnakism we have nowadays, even it might take some time until zuism and anunnakism get a lot popular worldwide."
by Full Monteirism July 1, 2021
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