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A small town around 45 minutes to an hour away from Chicago that most peoople don't know exist it has a nice town area but it only makes news when something bad times like two middel school teachers getting arested for pervetd reasons, a school starting on fire or a kid getting hit by a car . The lake is full of seaweed and muck not the best place to swim. Though it is nice in some areas it has a big drug problem most people don't know about recently there was a big drug bust involving 100's of people the towns population being around 13,000 many of the kids are wanna be ghetto. But it is a overall nice place
Chicago Citazian- whare is Antioch IL

Antioch Citazian- about a hour away
Cc- yeah I think I have heard of it

Ac- oh what you hear
Cc- two teachers getting arested for child porn and something like tat
Ac-yeah is got it problems the lakes shit but it's nice

Cc-ok then
by Uwishyouknew September 16, 2012
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