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AntiFail is when your presented with a circumstance that does not stand to go in your favor but you manage to turn it around into a win. The situation has to be doomed from the start for their to be the potential for an AntiFail. AntiFail does not have to be associated with the original conflict, just a random turn of events that turns the moral of the event.
I was gonna have to put those tickets on my credit card but then i found some money that was meant for bills but from months ago. Im sure that month was crappy but im living in the now, AntiFail!

"Hey didnt that guy say he was gonna beat you up after school?" says Boy 1, "Yeah but then his parents found porn in his room and they are shipping him off to military school" replies Boy 2. "No way, really?" answers Boy 1, "Yeah and since I live next door they are giving me his bike because he wont be back anytime soon". "Thats so AntiFail it not even funny".
by The Corrrrector December 20, 2010
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