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The state of doing nothing motivational or inspirational and yet people are attracted to you and flock to your person for reasons unbeknownst to the anti-charismatic individual themselves.
"I'm quiet, reserved, and I flake out of social events often and yet people still want to hang around me and bask in my company. I am anti-charismatic"

People flock to the "motivational speaker" Braco for his "healing gaze" as he blankly stares at crowds and evokes emotions from them for some odd reason. This is anti-charisma.
by Ypipo_izzcrazy February 01, 2019
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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The quality of being likeable not only in spite of but because of a lack of charisma- ie a person is well-liked because they are non-threatening and a little bit useless.

Much like a three-legged puppy- it may be annoying and fairly useless but you can't help loving it.
Why is that guy so well-liked, he's such a loser?
That's why. He's got a massive anticharisma
by voodoo_mongrel July 29, 2009
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