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The total opposite of a lad. An anti lad often refers to people who are disgraceful drinkers, pussy out of anything and everything with extravagant excuses. An anti lad generally contains shanter although they believe they are the bantersaurus rex.
You are such an anti lad
What a massive anti lad Greg Byrne is.
by ladiusGFUmaximus November 30, 2011
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A lad who isnt acting very laddish. Doing things such as;

- Displaying emotion
- Not coming out for a Stella
- Hanging out with females
Chris is down there talking to girls instead of joining in this banter, what a MASSIVE antilad.
by Russell Crowed January 09, 2011
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Being a terra lad and leaving your m8's for a new Girlfriend on a big occasion. I.e New Years Eve.
James Ponton u big anti lad for sacking off a binge session to go and play loved up with your mrs
by Brigadier Van Louis Sri Lanka December 03, 2010
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