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Anoraksia disease causes the sufferer a compulsion to wear the "Anorak" coat which is often "Quilt" lined and smells of stale piss.
Quite often worn by morbidly obese people.
The Anorak coat is also a must have favourite of shoplifters particularly in Liverpool because of the available pocket space for "swag" such as 52ins Plasma TVs and King Sized Beds.
The Anorak coat is also worn by council house type people and winos who will almost certainly have one of those curly tailed council house inbred shit machine mongrels which love smelling strangers genitals.
Another variant of the sufferer of the disease Anoraksia can usually be found sitting at Train Stations or Airports jotting down Train or Aeroplane ID numbers on a damp toilet roll (double strength).
The only known cure for this disease is for the sufferer to gain full time employment.
by Funkam August 12, 2012
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