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An annoying, immature attention seeker who is helpless and dependent on others for happiness. They tend to beg their "friends" to do things the leeches are perfectly capable of doing themselves. Annoying leeches will take advantage of kind people so they can get what they want. They will often make excuses like "it's my birthday today" or "I have no money" to get free stuff. Seen commonly on social media and Minecraft servers. Usually use improper grammar and spelling.
Victim of an Annoying Leech: "Ew, it's J.T.! He's an annoying leech. He begged me for 3 hours to buy him a $40 sushi meal because he 'had no money'. I eventually gave in and got him it just so he'd shut up."

Annoying Leech: "Hey, it's my birthday today. Nobody has given me a present yet. *fake cries*"

Annoying Leech 2: "Pleeeease please please can you get me this video game? I have no money, no friends, and no home."

Annoying Leech 3: "hi saporen, u said ud give me 10$ today, did u lie?"
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by grundsΓ€tzlich September 15, 2016
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