Little fuckers who spend every minute of their childhood outside of their home generally being loud, annoying and disrespectful to everybody else in the neighborhood because their parents are either:

A - Too lazy to teach the little wankers respect
B - Too busy believing their children are perfect little angels who never bother anyone and are loved by all, unaware of the fact that everybody within 2 miles hates the little fucks and wishes that they would get hit by a car and bring peace to the area.

Kid 1: OMG let's ride a bike around in a circle 2583 times and scream at the top of our voices!




Somebody who is civil enough to not disturb everything within a 2 miles radius:

I wish I could just go outside and tell them annoying children to shut their fucking mouths, but if I did everybody would be all like 'OMG HOW MEAN THEY'RE JUST KIDS HAVING FUN WAH WAH WAH, despite the fact that they feel exactly the same as me.

by A victim of these hellspawn February 6, 2009
Annoying children:
1)Kids below the age of 10, regardless of physical maturity. Once 10, kids are mentally mature enough to no longer be annoying.
2)Kids that scream and go stir crazy at the sight of breasts and the sound of bad words, and get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a side effect.
3)Kids that will push away their Richard Feynman science book and take out their ultimate Spiderman comic book.
4)Kids that are overly curious in stores, touching everything they see.
5)Kids that add to the annoying sound effects of kids playing in recess.
6)Kids that attempt to be themselves.
7)Kids that don't masturbate (the reason kids are so annoying is because their parents do not let them, so they use another outlet for fun.)

Remember, be cool, don't stereotype kids, respect the 1% that are smart!
Annoying children: 1)Kid below 10: AAAAHAHAHHHAA POOP AHAHAHAHAH *climbs on shelf*
Ten year old kid: Oh, so how is your hangout at the coffee shop going? Any stupid kids there?
2)*turns head and sees Playboy porn magazine in wrapping paper* AHHHHHH HELP ME AAHHHHHH HELP SAVE ME LOOK LOOOOOOOK ITS A BAD MAGAZINE STOP IT HEEELPP ME
Adult: We got bird shit on our car.
Adult: Time to bring him to the pediatrist.
3)*Adult gives child a Richard Feynman book*
NO! NO! NO! I want my ultimate Superman comic book!
4)*Climbs on shelf and touches foam*
5)You tagged me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
6)I'm just going to be myself, weak and fat playing video games.
7)Have you ever wondered what your children are thinking that you do not know? You would be shocked: "sigh... my parents won't let me masturbate, they think it is a sin."
by porn addiction November 27, 2009