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A group of people who support #Annie LeBlanc, who never leave her side and give her support go do great things with her career. And who stand by her through all the hate that the gay summeralls bring to social media. And we don't hate we state facts.
Hayden stans: Annie is ugly and Hayden is go good for her.
Annie Fandom: Annie is the most gorgeous person he ever dated and that's why he isn't popular and they can stop hating on her just because of hayden's poor life choices.
by JAZZL125ASHANNIE June 03, 2019
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a fandom of 11-16-year-old girls who obsess over girl names Annie Leblanc. These stans like to go on Instagram and argue with Kenzie Ziegler's fandoms because of a boy named Hay Hoe. These fandoms like to criticize everything the two girls do and compare. WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN. seriously yall act like you've never saw a big nose or small boobed girl LMAo.
ex: "Kenzie has a big nose" "My wig is flying" - Annie Fandom
by Annie Fandom July 06, 2018
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