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Anna Donnelly is a spunky, lively happy girl, thants always smiling. Anna Donnelly is generally sweet and mild mannered on the outside, but is a crazy party girl on the inside. Anna Donnelly is the sweetest and has the best personality. She's adorable, and the best at sex. Every guy should date an Anna Donnelly. Every guy WANTS to get with an Anna Donnelly. Anna Donnelly is not even close to a sluts but when she decides to give someone her love, she is by far the best. She has beautiful curves. Basically, you are lucky as hell to have Anna Donnelly. She deserves the best of the best because probably has given you the best. Do not take her lighthearted cause she could be breaking down inside and you not knowing. Something like a goddess on earth. She enjoys many sports and activities and doesn't group with any stereotypes. She will always tell the truth, and is constantly listening to Country music. If you're lucky enough to date her, treat her well. She is the sweetest ever to her boyfriends, and is as loyal as can be. Be careful when you look into her eyes, you might get hooked on the cuteness.
''Who's the pretty blonde, laughing over there?"

"Anna Donnelly.... duh..."
by boysoftheworld December 24, 2011
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