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There are'nt enough words so describe what an Anna is. Queenly, comes close. This small, understated, regal being encompasses all that is right, solid & good. A genuine woman with culture, style, taste & a deep understanding of life. Anna can correctly sum you up in a second of meeting you. She is gloriously entertaining & has many life travels to enthrall audiences with. Well read & immaculately spoken, she doesn't show her age. Her cuteness & pretty eyes are only a tiny part of her all round beauty. This girl has been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, forgotten & abused. Yet, you will never see her scared. Anna means generosity- In EVERYTHING. Her bold & brilliant personality covers her broken heart & spirit. An Anna enjoys good food, beautiful fabrics, exotic places and interesting people. Anna sees everyone as her equal. Anna is fair, brutally honest & kind. Except to herself. There is nothing that you cannot ask of Anna. She carrys the world on her shoulders with a magnificent smile. Anna is an inspiration. With her achievements and truthfulness. The very best mother anyone can ever ask for. An Anna deserves the cream of what life has to offer. Her intelligence is next level epic, although she undersells herself. This is a gal with the warmest heart and sparklyest nature. The truest, most loyal friend you will ever find. She is a trusted companion and belongs in your life forever. Hard to spot, so if you find an Anna- shackle her to you. You don't want her to get away.
Jane: how was your trip?
Fred: it was complete Anna/margot. Perfect

That is the most beautiful diamond I've ever seen, it's an Anna!!!
by The Noogie June 29, 2019
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