Anna Shumate (or annabananaxdddd) is a famous tiktok girl that looks like the girlfriend you ever wished to have. She’s from michigan, and LOVES dogs. If you‘re not a dog lover, Anna probably dislikes you right away. She‘s a soccer (saccer) player at Gross Ile High School and kicks ass on the field. Unlike other tiktok girls, she has a huge tiktok community with which she shares her emotions and times that were hard in her life, and thats something her community loves about her. Despite her fame, she presents herself to be the typical teenage girl and is very down to earth. Anna also looks absolutely gorgeous and if she isn‘t a crush of you or you don‘t have a picture of her in your photo gallery favorites, the chances of you being blind or gay are pretty high.
Hey bro, lemme show you a girl I found on tiktok yesterday... her name is Anna Shumate.

-God damn she‘s pretty for gods sake why dont we have girlfriends that are so good looking?

Probably cause we‘re ugly.

by rehgn99 June 7, 2020
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