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Anna Carragher is a slutty girl that lives in Naperville, Illinois. She attends Saint Francis Highschool, a private catholic school for spoiled bratty rich kids who think the world revolves around them. Anna Carragher spends most of her time mass sending nude pictures of herself to every guy she has on her Snapchat, but she will also give blowjobs and fuck. She even likes to get fucked in the ass. We believe Anna Carragher is a whore because two of her sisters are very pretty and she thinks the only way she will get attention that they get is to act out sexually. Anna Carragher also has a tendency to pathologically lie all of the time.
Matt: "Hey Max! Did you add that girl Anna Carragher on Snapchat?!"
Max: "Yeah! She sends nudes to everyone!"
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by Stellan711 August 01, 2018
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