1. A spicy, hot little number, a tasty piece, a desirable part of an otherwise loathsome whole;

2. Any additional and pleasing element to an otherwise dreary and dreadful event, activity or item that makes the event, activity or item not only tolerable, but enjoyable and worth looking forward to;

3. The anticipatory cause of a morning erection in males;
1. The custard portion of that banana cream pie was old and rancid, but the fresh bananas in it were Ann Curry!

2. "Oh, going to the fair blows! I hate the lame carnival rides, the white trash crowds and the stench of the fairgrounds."
"But dude, the funnel cake is to die for!"
"Oh, yeah! The funnel cake is the best! It is worth going just for the funnel cake!"
"I know, right? The funnel cake is Ann Curry!"

3. "My favorite part of the day is right before I fall asleep."
"'Cause I know I'll wake up in the morning with a raging boner, thanks to Ann Curry!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 31, 2010
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