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A brown chick who is quiet yet loud. She can act like a child but thinks like a LADY. She is almost always right. She will tell you how things can go wrong before they do. Is effortlessly confident even at her most insecure moments. You're either super close to her or a stranger she doesn't do an in-between. If she is your friend she's the greatest friend you could ever have. She will be there for you no matter what. The one thing she loves more than food is...nothing...she really loves a lot.
"Look at her eating over there....what an Anjila!"
by RamNep21 November 07, 2018
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Anjila aka Anju is a word for a very tall yet friendly person who enjoys eating bagel crisps and loooooves all the boys. COUGH COUGH. SNIFF, SNIFF.

Usually a weirdo.

Also used as Angelina Jolie's indian name.
That girl's eating bagel crisps! What an Anjila.
by lalagossip March 09, 2010
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