An “ anime watcher “ is as literal as can be, someone who watches (and enjoys) anime

A weeaboo (shortened to “ weeb “)is someone who defames their own culture (and every other culture), but hold the Japanese culture and people on a pedestal- often incorporating a few Japanese words such as “baka” “kawaii” “desu” into their sentences

An otaku is a Japanese “geek”. An otaku doesn’t necessarily have to be obsessed with anime (most otaku that like anime don’t like the regular anime like “one piece” or “naruto”-a lot of Japanese like those- an anime otaku regularly loves anime targeted for children younger than the age of 10), anyone with immense interest in something to the extent they become obsessed with it is an otaku, like a “pc otaku,” “maid otaku,” “railway otaku,” for example

Non-Japanese people that watch, enjoy, love (etc.) anime respectably do not need an alias. A lot of people often misuse the words “weeb” and “otaku” (with the most popular right now being the misuse of “weeb”). We should just be referred to as “anime watchers”- it’s simple, literal, logical, straight forward, and can’t be misunderstood
Person A: “bro, I just watched a YouTube video, and I now understand the difference- I’m a weeb, not a weeaboo or an otaku

Person B: “you’re none of the above. Why is there such a misconception around this? You just love anime, you’re an anime watcher

Person A: “aiit, it’s cool, no need to get all pissy on me lol”
by Random person on the internett January 26, 2022
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A person who only watches one show in anime.
Guy: Hey, I just watched one anime, that now makes me a one anime watcher.
by Anime watcher August 28, 2021
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