An "angry one" is a an aggressive wank where one thinks very bad thoughts about a person of the opposite sex in a bid to ejeculate in record time.

Care must be taken not to inflict injury on one's own member.

Often the mental scenario will include a female participant whose beef curtains will never be encountered by the beater of the meat.
A: Hey, look at that girl over there, her tits are awesome
B: Indeed they are
A: Well, I hear she's so rude she lets you fuck her up the trumper on the first date
B: {disappears behind nearest tree and fires off an angry one whilst picturing himself being the star of the aforementioned cock/ass situation}
by Diddly October 20, 2004
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When a man tricks a woman while having sex, saying: "i'm cumming!" then spits on her back. As the woman looks at the man surprised that the man ejaculated on her back, the man cums on her eye, after which he breaks her leg by kicking her shin.
Dude, i gave my ex the angry one-eyed pirate last week. I honestly don't even regret it, because she instantly became lesbian after that.
by The urban bruh December 19, 2021
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