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This is a set of characters that are similar to english characters.
The word rune comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word 'run' pronounced roon meaning secret or mystery. Most rune alphabets are varients of an alphabet called the German or Elder Futhork Rune Alphabet that was developed by Northern European Tribes during the first millineum. It consisted of three columns and eight rows. It is called the futhork or futhorc because going down the first column translated into english it will spell futhork or futhorc. There are certain characters that connot be translated direstly into english. Some characters if attempted to tranlated into certain pronociation helpers like a double dotted 'i' and a combinations of characters 'c' and 'e' and a combination of characters 'a' and 'e' telling us that in the original language they used weird foreign accents.. The letter 'u' and 'v' are both the same character and the letters 'x' and 'z' are both the same character telling us that in the original language one of them was not used often. There is a singal character for 'th' and 'ng' and 'ea' and 'gh' and 'kh' telling us that these combination sounds were used often. There is not a character for the letter 'q' telling us that they did not use the 'q' sound.
There are several rune fonts developed by langesticks like the anglo-saxon rune font by Daniel Steven Smith and the moonrune font by Martin Bek. The Anglo-Saxon Fathork Runes are weird.
by The Isbey August 19, 2006
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