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A very beautiful girl. A girl with a very good personality, but she'll get mad very easily. She laughs about everything! She's a good spirited person. She has big dreams she'd like to accomplish one day & she is her own motivation. She is very smart. She knows her limits & she's very funny! She can make anything into a joke, but she knows when to be completely serious. She is ver open minded & she loves to talk! She could talk all day everyday for hours. She's a good soul mate. She's loyal & trustworthy. She has many friends & is respected by most but is disliked by few. That doesnt make or break her though. She's strong & independant. She is very caring, and falls in love easily. She tries to not let her emotions get the best of her though. She doesn't care what people say, but i t does hurt her. She's just everyones BESTFRIEND.
-As a girl sits alone in a corner*
Anglica: Hi (:
Girl: Oh, hi.
Anglica: Wanna sit with me at lunch?
Girl: Sure!
Anglica: Okay!
by I ♥ Lifeee . June 29, 2010
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