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Is a street term that was more commonly used in the old days to describe families that had both career criminals and law enforcement in the immediate family or siblings that grew up with one being a hoodlum and the other a police officer. This term was widely used in the 1920-1970's in major urban cities across America like New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, etc. and was prominent in European American families that lived in urban neighborhoods throughout the U.S.; i.e. Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, English, Eastern European, etc. The term is not common anymore largely due to the gentrification of neighborhoods that were once largely inhabited by European Immigrants and also I guess to a certain degree the decline of the Mob's influence in America. You could say it probably still exists in Asian American communities and the new influx of Eastern European immigrants today, but it's would probably most likely go by a different saying in a language other than english and probably is not celebrated in a movie or in a rap song. And the term is most likely associated with the movie called "Angels with Dirty Faces."
(The year is 1941)

Bobby: Ey, Joey, That cop looks familiar, I know I seen em before!

Joey: Yea, that's Pete the Putz's brother, you know the safe cracker, who works with Mikey Cheese's crew downtown.

Bobby: Ah hah! The Putz comes from a family of Angels with Dirty Faces, eh!?
by KnowledgeisPower88 February 04, 2010
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