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I don’t like you because you’re attractive,.... I mean you are but that’s not the reason I love you.. so listen.. when I first met you on the first day of school,before even talking to you I was like “oh no he’s cute. I think it was like 3 days later when the teacher paired us up and when you started talking my heart dropped and I instantly knew I wanted to be with you. We’ve been through happy moments, sad and especially awkard ones, and I love the happy memories but the difficult ones were the ones that made me love you even more. As of now we are particaly strangers and passing by you in the hallways without even saying hi, feels so wrong. I know I was the one to end what we had but we both know that it was for the best at the time, although I wish you hadn’t completely cut me off from your life, maybe you just don’t care anymore...and that’s fine I get it. A while ago u asked me if I “liked you or just thought you were cute” and at the time I gave you a stupid answer but now that I can actually see clearly, I can not only tell you but I can guarantee you that it’s not about the looks even tho you look pretty fucking great, but instead it’s about the way you talk, your smile, the way you walk,your personality and just the smallest details about you, bcz they might be insignificant to some other person but to me it’s what makes you stand out from the crowd// ily bebe
Angelo Nicolas.V
by XxxæxxX February 11, 2018
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