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From Ratchet & Clank Going Commando:
An ex-employee of Megacorp whom takes on a secret mission to stop their newest family pet, the defective rabid Protopet from being released before it can cause galactic chaos. At first Angela is in disquise as a masked bandit like character whom Ratchet and Clank must hunt down to stop from stealing the seemingly harmless Protopet. Once they discover this bandit is a girl, Angela explains that she was stealing the Protopet for the good of the galaxy, but they have already returned it to Megacorp. Angela Cross, Ratchet, and Clank team up to stop the Protopet from being passed out to families all across th galaxy.
Ratchet (approaching Angela's house): Nice digs!
Angela: Oh this? (points at her house) Remnants of my past life...
Clank: You are a reincarnate!?
Angela: What!? No! My old Megacorp days. Let's just say they have a very generous rewards system.
by RaCailum June 28, 2005
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