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A guest in a bar or restaurant who's having a bad first date or a bad time with someone they just met can order an Angel Shot to signal to the bartender or server they need assistance. Often times ordering an Angel Shot with on the Rocks or with a Lime means the guest needs more serious assistance. Seems to have started in a small bar in St. Petersburg, Florida called the Iberian Rooster in November or December of 2016. Females tweeted out that they saw a sign in the Rooster's restroom advising of using the drink Angel Shot if they needed help. Bars in the UK and across the US are using the signs too. The largest of which is many of the Hooters Restaurant chain locations.
GUEST; "Hi, could I get an Angel Shot please"?
Bartender; "sure". Bartender then tells a manager who walks up and asks the guest if they can speak to the guest outside for a moment.
by @BouncerCoach October 16, 2017
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When a girl or a guy take a picture of themselves which looks hot and when you see them in person they are an ugly blob.
Jessica looked hot online but she is a blob. What great angel shots!
by mr_daz July 13, 2008
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