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Angel is like no other. She can make you smile through anything. She lights up the room just by walking in. The day that I laid my eyes on Angel is a day that i will never forget it was the best day of my life. Angel isn't perfect tho. No one is. But if there was such a thing. She would be it. And Ik we may not be together forever or might loose touch I hope that never happens. I will still be happy and great full with our little infinity. There are no words that can explain how she makes me feel just one. And that is. Alive. I wanna thank her for sticking around when no one else would. Yes we have had our ups and downs roses and thorns but that ha sent stopped us.I'm always gonna be here for you. I promise you that so with all that said. I'm in love with you Angel Breese. Never forget that. Ok?
Yo did u see Angel Breese she hotttt.
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by me carol May 12, 2018
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