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Androh is a relation of Androgenous but extends it to specifically mean Identity Outside of Gender Preconceptions. It is about the celebration of being Human irrespective of gender sterotypes. It is about self identity that is so much more than body parts or socialization. Its about allowing people to be people. With attitude!

Androgenous Definition
abb. of androgynous. having characteristics of both masculine and feminine gender ideals (being some where in the middle or outside the male-female polarity model). andro can refer to clothes, appearence, attitude, style, or self-identification.many pop musicians in the 70's and 80's cultivated an andro look, e.g. mick jagger, david bowie, annie lennox, prince, and boy george, to name a dagger_grrl September 12, 2003
I am Androh and my choices are Androh!
by Androh September 23, 2016
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