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Preppy kid from Wilton, goes to SLS and plays baseball. He's one of the biggest bamf's in the whole world and he pwns at life. He is really preppy and enjoys wearing pastel colored pants and popping his collar on a daily basis. On mondays thru fridays you can find mr jacoby sitting promptly at his desk and studying like an absolute scholar. On the occasion he gives you a d.i.l.l.g.a.f which is upsetting, yet allowed because he is king of the globe. On the weekends you can find jacoby at club arcadia, or shaving innocent hampsters to make his next fur coat.
He's been arrested 4 times, and gas gotten like 6 speeding tickets. He is the epitomy of a gangsta prep with a semi-jockness added to his baller soul.
If you ever have the experiance to meet this individial, bring two things: a camera, and a baseball bat, for when things get frisky.
Me: Sarah did you see andrew jacoby today...he looks like a peach
Sarah: I know but he is still pretty bamf
by HotThang10101010 February 07, 2008
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