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From Greek origin and meaning " Strong, manly, or warrior"; is passionate and very athletic. He will never pass up a chance to make you laugh - he is funny. Likes sports, typically dancing. Is very confident, very handsome, very talented. If he is in theatre he will usually get a role, in sports a captain. He is moderately smart. He is Godly and strong in his relationship with Christ, with parents who are active in his church. He daydreams a lot, but is focused when he needs to be. Andrew Rodriguez is outgoing and friendly, and for some reason likes plaids and sweatshirts. His presence will make you swoon - he has been in a couple relationships. He is honest, sometimes uncomfortable around people who are forward. INCREDIBLY sweet and his embrace is heaven. He is the most gorgeous, handsome person in the world - inside and out.
Andrew Rodriguez owns Annie's heart.
by DancerHeaven September 19, 2019
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