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A bizarre state of mind in which the user hallucinates about nonexistent military additions to school buildings. These additions may include: random artillery on the gym roof, secret underground bunkers, underground gun emplacements and vehicles.

It is uncertain what causes Andres Vision, but it seems to occur most frequently in the last few minutes of lunch, where the person is under intense emotional stress, and they attempt to prepare themselves for the remaining classes of the day.
Guy:"Guys! don't tell anyone, but I just found out there is gun emplacements all over the school, and theres also a secret bunker with an architecturally impossible layout that has every single gun know to man!!!....and its UNDER THE COURTYARD!!"

Concerned friend: "o.0"

Jared: "Nah, don't worry man, it's Andres Vision, he gets this all the time."
by Starge August 23, 2008
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