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1. A rare breed of species that exceed all levels of derpiness.

2. A derpy walrus.

3. When one has awkward tendencies that are displayed through extremely derpy behaviour.
1. Jessica: "Look at that man getting attacked by a raccoon outside!"

Sofia: "Omg what an andrenecaus derpedus!"

2. Matt: "Look at that fat walrus, he's being a total andrenecaus derpedus!"

Walrus: "Derpidy derp derp."

3. Shaniqua: "Yo homegirl, can I holla at you for a minute?"

Fantasia: "Ye sista what's gawnin?"

Shaniqua: "I just pooped my pants."

Fantasia: "Damm girl, you's a straight up andreneaus derpedus!"
by The Oreo Bandits January 10, 2012
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