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Andenique is a smart, pretty, outgoing girl. She’s got unique eyes that at first notice seem simple, perfectly matching her personality. Andenique’s deserve the world and are loyal friends that stick by you. They are sassy and competitive and you don’t want to get in their bad side, but if you do don’t worry cause she’ll forgive you eventually. Their are no better people then Andenique’s and would make a wonderful girlfriend.
Friend: hey Andenique, I dropped my pen can you pass it
Andenique: ya potatoe
by Andy savvy September 21, 2018
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A smart pretty girl. Often outspoken and filled with pride. Nicknamed "Ande", she has a one of a kind personality with a bad attitude that will leave you heartbroken in the long run.
Andenique doesn't give a f***. Be like Ande
by She.Lit™ September 12, 2016
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