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Analissa is an incredible girl, she is so nice and funny but can be real shy. when you meet Analissa make an effort to talk to her, and you will realise how beautiful she is, inside and out. After you have broken Analissa's shy barrier you will see she is actually really fun and energetic.
"That girl is so shy"
"yes but shes a real Analissa"
"you should go and talk to her"
by bullerboy October 06, 2013
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Analissa is a very smart Bad ass woman and when it time to fight you better be ready when you meet her she may be a bad ass if you get on her bad side but she definitely has as good side to her to
Analissa I didn't know that you were that smart hey why do you always start problems with people?
by Ldiana029 May 22, 2018
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